Fiendish has chosen to support the following two charities in 2015.
To see what we are doing click the logos.


The charity that funds research and helps families affected by the rare genetic skin condition EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa).


A charity that enables disabled people to have access to the digital world we all take for granted.

 Thanks Everyone who helped us reach our fundraising goal for Special Effect in our first GameBlast Marathon!


You can still donate on the JustGiving Page until May 2015 !

With your continued support Special Effect will still be here next year, helping disabled people join in a digital world we all take as a given.
Looking forward to #GameBlast16 when we will hopefully be a bit better organised and raise our bar higher.



Fiendish is joining #GameBlast15, the national gaming marathon, to raise money for Special Effect.


Every donation, however small will help towards our goal to support this unique and life-changing charity.
Making donations through JustGiving is fast, easy and  secure.
It doesn’t store your personal details or bother you with emails.

Donate a small amount easily by Text! nerf69

We are making a game for Special Effect!

We had a think about what we would actually do for the game marathon. Most Teams Play and Stream Games. However we thought we would do things a little differently, our fiendish plan is to use our Marathon weekend to start making a game. Our thoughts so far are to make a simple, child-friendly, mobile game for iOS. Once we finish it we will put in on the app Store and donate 10% of any profits to Special Effect for every version of the game and any associated merchandise forever.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a game, get it accepted on the App Store so this will be a long-term background project for us fitted in around our paid work. But if we dedicate the gameBlast weekend to this, hopefully we can get off to a solid start! Please Sponsor us!

Gamers of Stonesfield we need you!

We are also holding a mini game marathon for local Stonesfield gamers, please contact us if you want to take part. (Must be over 10yrs old).

If you would like to know more about any of this, please use the contact page.

To find out more about the amazing work of Special Effect have a look here:



In 2015 Fiendish is taking part in #GameBlast15 to support Special Effect. Please sponsor us if you are able.