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This week is all about #GameBlast18, for other enquiries please use the contact form.
JustGiving page is open, please donate if you can.

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Welcome to Gameblast 2018

What is it?
A gaming marathon to raise money for our local charity Special Effect, who adapt and create bespoke controllers so that disabled people can use computers and digital devices.

What are we doing?
Two gaming sessions last weekend of February, Saturday 24th + Sunday 25th from 11am to 11pm.

Who are you?
We are teenagers, most of us from a village called Stonesfield in Oxfordshire, UK.

Can I participate?
Yes!  join as a player/spectator/sponsor, details below.

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How can I join in?

Xbox gaming
If you are on Xbox, send us your Gamer Tag and you will be invited to party chat and we’ll take it from there.

If you would like to participate by doing your own gaming, feel free – Just give us your details so we can add you to the Hall of Fame and don’t forget to get some sponsorship.

You can watch the live stream of the marathon at the top of this page, if you sign up for a Twitch account (free) you can also live chatbox to the players.

Just Giving
If you aren’t interested in gaming, but still want to support Special Effect and the kids in their fundraising, you can donate on our JustGiving Page at any time, before, during or after the marathon, it is open for sponsorship now.
You will be helping make a huge difference to someone’s life.

We were invited to visit Special Effect where Mark told us all about the work they do. He let us try some of the different controllers such as chin-controllers and even a game you can play by just moving your eyes. We saw how difficult it can be for some disabled people to enjoy the things we do.

Fiendish Gameblast History

Changes from last year.

Play from home.
Originally we did Gameblast from my Dad’s office, however as most people want to play from their own machines, and we want more people, we’ll all play from our homes this year; except me, I will play from my Dad’s office because my WiFi at home is horrible. His office is the old village postoffice in the cross and people are welcome to pop in to watch, there will be pizza.

Live Streaming
We are trying streaming for the first time, you can see the stream at the top of this page when it goes live.

We are going to try a Rainbow 6 Siege tournamet. Format will depend on how many people we have, so please contact us asap if you want to join in. The tournament will probably take place in the evening as most of us will have football or some other activities during the daytime.
The tournament will be very friendly, main things are to raise money and have fun.





Target £250 Okay…we £300 £400
Raised £291 slept in that year .. £533 ?
Percentage 116% well we are teenagers. 177% ?


How is this supervised? What if things get out of hand....teenagers eh?
My dad will be moderating the Twitch Stream; bad behaviour/language he will bring down the ‘Ban hammer’.
Why are you playing in two 12hr slots instead of 24hrs straight?

Ask our parents! They think we need to rest or something. Anyway we like our lie-ins so win-win.

If I join do I have to play for a specific time?
No, everyone can drop in or out througout the weekend, we know you have stuff to do. But wherever you are you can watch our stream on your devices.
What Ages will be playing?
Most players will be around 13yrs – 14yrs.
Some of the games, played after 5pm, will be military themed, so it is up to parents if they find that appropriate for their child to play or watch.
We will stream games suitable for younger kids (under 12yrs) until 5pm.
How can I join the Siege tournament?
User the contact form on this page to send us your Gamer Tag and we will take it from there.
Can I make my own team?
Sure! If you have a team, great, if not we will fit you in to some games depending on who we have.
What will be showing on the Twitch Stream.
Screencasts of various games we are playing, probably Overwatch, Rocket League, R6 Siege, Fortnight. You will be able to hear us shouting at eachother too.
Will I be able to see the players?
Sorry not this time, but you will be able to hear us on party chat and join in if you have twitch.
We may use cams in the future if all parents agree etc.

Any questions?

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