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Quick Guide for Parents !

Gameblast is a yearly, national fundraising eventwith participants from all over the UK.
We are from Stonesfield and surrounding villages in the Cotswolds.

Special Effect is a unique local charity that helps disabled people use digital devices. It is a costly business involving home visits throughout the UK by physiotherapistys and technicians to assess individual clients needs, and then constructing bespoke control devices.

As teenagers, we are having two gaming days of 12 hours each rather than the three-day 24hour marathons of some other groups.

There are no requirements to participate for any length of time, players can hop in and out as desired. It’s a rolling team effort. We have organised a varied schedule of events for different interests (schedule).

This is the first year to attempt live streaming and a tournament. Streaming will show gameplay and you can hear us chat; we won’t be showing players on webcam.  The stream will be moderated by an adult.

You can watch the stream live on the homepage of this website.

Everyone is welcome to participate / spectate donate in whatever capacity they can, to help this worthwhile charity. Every penny is valuable.