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A big thank you to all our Fiendish clients of 2019. We have produced websites, illustrations, animation, videos, brand identity and been the mercenary Creative Department for an array of global businesses. This year we have travelled to Spain, Japan, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway and have worked with everyone from programmers in the Ukraine to business founders in the UAE.

We love to work with tech start-ups and are hurtling into January supporting some innovative products, such as:
OneDash a user-friendly dashboard to make interactive, monetizeable videos by VexProTech a Singapore based company expanding into London. Sneak peak at:
123SOW an online program to help primary schools deliver the UK computer curriculum by 123ICT a dynamic Oxfordshire-based EdTech company, recently shortlisted for the 2020 West Oxfordshire Business Awards. Find out more at

We are also working on collaborative and personal projects in the e-learning / gaming sector, which we will hope to be able to talk about by Q3. In 2020 we predict we will be getting more excited about VR where the technology is edging ever-closer to the dream.

We believe in CSR and have been impressed with the massive strides taken in 2019 by our chosen charities, dEBra and SpecialEffect who we will be supporting again this year.

2020 is the year of the Rat, who is quick-witted, resourceful and smart; a cunning daemon to have in a year where we will need to adapt to some massive global and technological changes. 
If you would like to keep up with our adventures in 2020 feel free to join our mailing list:

Wishing you a fiendishly productive New Year.