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1) Game Jam – Fiendish will start making a small game, we’ll upload our progress here.

2) Gaming Marathon – Kids from Stonesfield will game over the 24hrs. Xbox, FIFA15, Forza and Minecraft look likely to feature.


1) Raise £250 for Special Effect

2) Have Fun.

Click the button below to see how we are doing so far:




Runescape developers Jagex reveal their plans for GameBlast15 and Mark Saville explains how Special Effect work. Please support our Stonesfield contribution to #GameBlast15.



This is our first GameBlast Marathon for Special Effect, so we are going to keep it simple, here is how it works:

1) Get Sponsorship, tell family and friends you are fundraising for SpecialEffect and ask them to sponsor you.
No need to collect money, they can donate online at: , or simply text

NERF69 £3 to 70070

Our goal is £250 – hit the progress button above to see how we’re doing.

2) Play !  make/join a party with friends or use the chatbox on this page to let people know you are available and what games you want to play.
(You will need a password from your parents – then login as guest).
Play as little or as much as you like from February 20th – 22nd.


1) Get at least one donation to take part, Any amount, every little helps.

2) Play sensibly, take rests, drink water eat some real food (Haribo is not real food).

3) Play fair, take turns, try different games if other people want, not just your favorite..

4) ABSOLUTELY NO – bad language, teasing, going over to the dark side etc.


At the moment you play with people you know, but eventually you will game with strangers. You should use this time with your friends to get into some good habits.

1) Get used to calling people by their gamerTags, not their real names. When you start playing with strangers you don’t need to give them your real name. If you don’t like your gamerTag, it is time to change it.

2) If someone asks you a question about yourself online, you don’t have to answer. Never give real life information to a stranger.

3) If someone tells you to do something in the game, you don’t have to. You are the boss of you. Think for yourself.

4) If someone says something ridiculous that you disagree with, don’t jump in and argue about it. They just want to get a reaction from you, if you get angry – you have been trolled.

Have fun.

Use the Chatbox below to hook up with other local players. (get the password from your parents/guardian).

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