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Pricing for creative work can seem complicated.


That is why, after discussing your requirements, we will give you a FIXED PRICE for your project rather than an hourly rate.

Every project is different, however here are some ballpark starting figures for some of our services.



Standalone, portable graphics that combine a compelling story with visuals to help support the overall message.

Infographics are mobile-friendly and are especially useful for distilling complex data or narrative into an easily digestible format.

Starting from £840

Video and animation
An incredibly versatile format, video can be used for anything from thought leadership to company explainer videos and everything in between.

Starting from £1,800


Micro Content

Micro-content is a valuable addition to your promotional strategy: Small format, easily digestible and native to the channels (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.) that you plan to publish it on.

Starting from £840


Branding and Logo Design

Starting from £240



Website Set up and Design

Starting from £480


Mailing List Set-up and Design

Starting from £240