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Content Marketing

People are much more discerning and aware of advertising these days. They know when they are being sold to and ready to jump to the next site.

The smart way to advertise your services is to provide something of value to your customers.

For example if you were selling camping equipment you could create an infographic or animation that gives tips on an aspect of camping. This would then be branded for you. People are much more likely to trust a company that can authoritatively explain something. Especially if the explanation is quick and easy to understand.

Infographics and animations are perfect for this.

A piece that is useful of interesting for the viewer also has great viral potential and is likely to be shared with friends or forums where people are interested in the same subject matter. Word-of-mouth and targeted, the Holy Grails of marketing. Don’t you just love it?

Fiendish will be happy to discuss Content Marketing strategies for your business.
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